This page is used to convey special information to our Users. You'll find links to utility programs that we've found useful. And we'll try to keep you up to date on the newest policies at Autodesk and how they may affect you.

AutoMATE Technical Bulletins. A very useful collection of PDF format files that address common technical issues with AutoCAD, how to easily solve them and get on with your work in AutoMATE.

TECH-ArchitecturalDesktop: Solutions to some known difficulties working with drawings created in AutoCAD Architecture.

TECH-AutoCAD2009-Menu: AutoCAD 2009 introduced a new user interface based on the 'ribbon' concept. This Bulletin will help you restore your menus and toolbars.

TECH-AutoCAD2010-Menu: AutoCAD 2010 expanded the 'ribbon' concept and made changes to the User Interface. This PDF explains the new menu and settings.

TECH-AutoMATE_Shortcut: AutoMATE can be added to a new computer by simply copying your existing files. This PDF explains creating a new desktop shortcut.

TECH-Converting_ACADdwgs: Addresses procedures for converting drawings that were created in a newer version of AutoCAD so you can open them.

TECH-AutoMATE_Bricscad: Run AutoMATE within Bricscad, an economical alternative to AutoCAD. All of the functionality required by AutoMATE at about 10% the cost.

DwgMan - Drawing Tabs/Manager. The introduction of MDI mode (Multiple Document Interface) in AutoMATE V12 has proven to be very popular. But the default method of navigating from drawing to drawing - Ctrl-Tab - is less than ideal. Drawing Tab Manager is a great solution - see the graphic below. And it's free. You can find it here:

Bricscad - a low-cost alternative to AutoCAD. We've been following this spin-off from IntelliCAD for about three years and started porting AutoMATE to Bricscad over a year ago. Our latest Upgrade includes a Beta version of AutoMATE for Bricscad. Download a 30-day trial version of Bricscad here:

Agent Ransack. A fast and dependable replacement for Windows Search. No freezing up, no crashing. It's free at