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AutoMATE User Interface

The AutoMATE User Interface is designed to help maximize your CAD proficiency. Menus and toolbars provide instant access to hundreds of foodservice-specific tools and commands. Pulldown menus and icon toolbars are arranged in a logical organization that reflects the typical workflow used during the development foodservice designs and contract documents.


AutoMATE Project Manager

Instantly select the Project and Drawing that you want to work on. The AutoMATE Project Manager is a complete file management system for all of your Drawings and other Project files. Create a New Project and AutoMATE automatically creates a full set of folders for Project Drawings, Reference Drawings, PDFs, and any others that you add to the folder list.


Equipment Layout Tools

A Foodservice Equipment Layout includes many types of equipment: standard catalog equipment; stainless steel work tables and sinks; custom-fabricated chef’s counters, servery counters, dishtables, and exhaust hoods; Walk-in Coolers, and other equipment. AutoMATE includes all of the tools to quickly insert existing symbols or create new symbols for every item required on your Project.


CADScan Symbol Manager

AutoMATE includes thousands of intelligent symbols - KPIcons - for many types and brands of equipment. CADScan is an integrated symbol retrieval system for those symbols and includes sorting on both Product Type and Manufacturer. You can select only a single item or a complete Cooking Battery. And, every item you select in CADScan is saved to a ‘Favorites’ list for quick selection in future projects.


QuickBlock - Create New Symbols in Minutes

The Quick Block command will quickly convert any content on your drawing, including KCL symbols, to intelligent KPIcons. Quick Block can even use the utility data from KCL symbols to create KPIcon connection point attributes. Quick Block also includes hundreds of high-quality 3D Template Drawings for both standard equipment and items as diverse as Espresso machines to Island Cooking Suite units to Conveyor systems.