AutoMATE has evolved into a mature and highly stable software program. We test and retest every release to make sure you have the fewest problems possible. You'll find the answers to many questions right here on our website. But there are times that you may need an answer to a question or something may go wrong and you'll need to contact us.

The best support option is to email a tech support request directly using the form provided below or e-mail directly to We'll get back to you as quickly as possible, usually in less than a day. Give as detailed a description as possible of the problem. And, if a particular drawing file is involved, attach a copy of the file; working with a problem drawing is always faster than trying to visualize the problem.

Support Requests:

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Coming Soon! - AutoMATE User Forum - We participate in many support forums and find them extremely useful. Often, if one user has a question, another has experienced the same situation and can provide an answer immediately. And forums can be used to share technical help on design problems and other topics.