Technical Specifications:

AutoCAD Compatibility
AutoMATE is compatible will all versions of AutoCAD 2002 - 2011. AutoMATE can be run with the x32 or x64 workstations running Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7. AutoMATE can be run on standalone workstations or on a network server provided you have a license for each workstation connected to the server.

AutoMATE is not compatible with AutoCAD LT. LT does not include support for add-in programs such as AutoMATE.

Bricscad Compatibility
AutoMATE is compatible with the latest versions of Bricscad V11. Bricscad is a low cost alternative to both AutoCAD LT and the full version of AutoCAD. You can download a free trial version of Bricscad from our Resources page.

IntelliCAD Compatibility
Due to the large number of IntelliCAD-based products we have not yet tested AutoMATE on this platform but will be in the future. Please let us know if there is a specific version of IntelliCAD you are interested in.

Hardware Requirements
AutoMATE hardware requirements are the same as the version of AutoCAD / Bricscad that you will be using. The initial installation of the full AutoMATE program requires an approximate initial 900Mb of hard disk storage. That space may double, however, depending on the number and size of Projects you created.

License Management
AutoMATE FSE Design is available with two versions of License management. The Standard License Management system is similar to the method used by Windows and AutoCAD: the License is installed to a specific machine. This is the method recommended for most systems.

The Mobile License Management system installs the License to a hardware security device, often referred to as a dongle. This method is recommended if you need to install AutoMATE on both an “Office” machine and a laptop; note that only one machine can be used at a time and the dongle must be connected to the machine in use at the time.