Looking Forward...

Rendering for AutoCAD. AutoCAD's rendering engine has finally reached the stage that the rendering extensions we developed for Accurender over 10 years ago can be ported to AutoCAD. AutoMATE 3D symbols have always been renderable and soon you'll be able to create photrealistic renderings in AutoCAD.

Detail Drawings and Schematics System. Patterned on the techniques we developed for the Responsibility Matrix Schedule system released in early 2010, this system consists of Detail and Schematic drawing files that can be automatically associated either with specific types of equipment or with specific items of equipment.

Insert an electric Booster Heater, and a Schematic Piping drawing is automatically associated with the symbol. Insert a specific water-wash hood and a Control Panel Electrical and Plumbing detail is automatically linked to the symbol.

Completely new, Internet based Help System. We're replacing the PDF based Help Files with a modern HTML system that has a familiar interface and is easy to maintain and keep current.

Next Generation KPIcon Symbol Library. We started shipping the first NG KPIcon symbols in late 2009. This upgrade includes many others and we will completely replace the remaining KPIcons by the end of the third quarter of this year.

The NG Library is somewhat like a manufacturers assembly line. An NG KPIcon may consist of a standard cabinet base assembly to which one of several door assemblies, top surface configurations, and other parts are attached as part of the symbol insertion routine. The Manufacturer, Model Number, Utility Connections, and other data are also attached during symbol insertion. The end result is a standard KPIcon that includes all of the data to support Equipment Schedules, Rough-ins, and all other AutoMATE functions.

The advantages: all data is easily edited without modifying the DWG Block; a small number of components can be used to "assemble" many different models (think reach-in refrigerators, freezers, heated cabinets, dual-temps); new models can be quickly added, often without creating any new graphical elements; all existing KPIcons, including thousands of User-created symbols are still useful.